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The University of Ottawa has created a management committee whose role is to define the CCP’s strategic orientation and ensure that the objectives of the CCP are met as defined in the contribution agreement between the University of Ottawa and the Government of Canada.  The members of the management committee are:

  • Jacques Frémont, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ottawa – Chair of the committee

  • Martine Lagacé, Associate Vice-President, Research, Office of the Vice-President, Research

  • Pierre Foucher, Full Professor, Faculty of Law, Common Law

  • Nicole Ouimette, Chief Administrative Officer, Faculty of Arts

  • Jérémie Séror, Director of Official Languages Bilingualism Institute and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts – ex officio member

  • Geneviève Boudreau, Director, CCP – ex officio member

  • Richard Clément, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences – observer and resource person

The members of the management committee, with the exception of the Director of the CCP, do not have access to the files of applications received by the CCP. This is to ensure neutrality and not interfere with the expert panels’ decision-making process.

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