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Organizational Chart – See outline after image
  1. President and Vice-Chancellor
    1. Chair of the committee, Jacques Frémont
      1. Court Challenge Program Management Committee
        1. Court Challenge Program Director (Ex-officio member), Marika Giles Samson
          1. Human Rights Legal Counsel, Geneviève Colverson; Official Languages and Human Rights Legal Counsel, Eric Cormier; Communications Specialist, Stéphane Mukunzi; Administrative assistant, Aminata Barry
  2. Dean of the Faculty of Arts
      1. Representative of the Faculty of Arts for the administration, Lynn Rivard
      2. Director of the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute, (Ex-officio member), Jérémie Séror
  3. Experts in Human Rights and Language Rights, Martine Lagacé and Pierre Foucher
  4. Two Committees of Experts, appointed by the Minister of Canadian Heritage
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